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Back in 2011, National Public Radio did a nice piece about how airlines and other industries are strategically and dynamically adjusting their pricing on a continual basis. What this means is that corporations raise and/or lower their prices to target certain customers at different times in the day.

Since then, the concept of dynamic pricing has become much more widespread, with online retailers’ use of this pricing model skyrocketing in 2016. The driving force in every instance is supply, demand, and a variety of other constantly changing factors.

What I have found recently is that the world of auto repair combined with recessionary pressures is creating challenges for the consumer to really understand what the cost of repair will be. Parts pricing from manufacturers and suppliers alike are quite dynamic, and quality disparate. For some shops, labor pricing can be dynamic as well.

On behalf of all of us at Motorplex, I would like to remind customers to please remember that there are moving parts in the total out-the-door cost to auto repair. After all, there is no substitute for trust and relationship when it comes to paying for competent labor.

The following is an overview of how dynamic pricing works when it comes to auto repair:

  1. Diagnosis is a requirement to be accurate, and leaving this element out leads to cost coverage in other areas or incorrect repairs in the first place.
  2. A competent inspection in an attempt to identify other areas of service need can prevent surprises during the course of repair.
  3. A thorough explanation of suggested service can prevent more expensive repairs or breakdowns later.
  4. Taxes, fluids, shop supplies and hazardous waste fees are also part of the common repair pricing model, yet these are not always quoted by repair shops over the phone.

When you are comparing prices, make sure that all of the above elements are taken in to consideration so that you are not mistakenly thinking that a lower price actually won’t end up as a higher price. Dynamic pricing is a reality in auto repair, which is why it is crucial to have a detailed discussion with each service technician about the expected price range – not a fixed price! – that you can expect from a particular service.

Good luck,
Keith Lewis