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The Basics of Vehicle Maintenance

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Why should I perform car maintenance?

It saves you money.  Simply stated, maintenance costs are less than repairs, and maintenance costs are less than replacing the vehicle.  It is statistically accurate that a properly maintained car that has had investments made in maintaining the fluids, filters, and other reoccurring maintenance items will last longer, have fewer breakdowns and realize a lower overall cost per mile.

It prevents inconvenient repairs.  In our shop, we see a considerable amount of general repairs that could have been prevented if maintenance had been done previously.  It can be very frustrating sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck knowing that the cause could have been prevented by performing preventive maintenance.   It is equally frustrating to bring your vehicle in to diagnose a symptom and later determine that the cause could have been prevented with maintenance.

Should I repair my vehicle or should I sell it or trade it in?

Many times this question is more personal in nature than mechanical. All things mechanical can be repaired, and are most often less expensive than replacing a vehicle. The decision not to repair on a practical (not personal) level should be made upon an overall vehicle condition evaluation and not necessarily the current repair need.

Combine the overall condition report and financial estimates with the length of time you would like to keep the vehicle. This can be combined with other likely repair possibilities during your length of ownership.

Finally, you will be better able to assess likely costs of ownership of the current vehicle versus the costs of purchasing a new vehicle.

How long should my car last or how long should I keep my car?

In 1987, when I began in this trade, 100,000 miles was a milestone, that was often targeted as a turning point for vehicles.  Many manufacturers only produce maintenance intervals up to this mileage.
However, today 150,000 or 200,000 miles is a regular occurrence in our facility, with many of our customers (and myself included) that can satisfactorily testify in excess of 250,000.


  Regardless of the vehicle, it is statistically unlikely that you will be satisfied with your vehicle at 150,000 without performing maintenance during the vehicle’s life.

What make or model of vehicle should I buy?

This is mainly a personal decision that I can better assist after you have narrowed down the choices to a few similar competitive models. Then, I can provide you with my personal opinion based on technical data available and experiences with the repair and maintenance in our shop.

It is worth noting, however, that manufacturers seem to have the most challenges when introducing new models or new engine/transmission combinations not previously in production.


Should I buy a used or new car?

Again, a personal decision that is easier to assist you with if you have narrowed the choices to comparing a few alternatives. When buying used outside of the original equipment bumper to bumper warranty (most often is 36 months or 36,000 miles), a competent vehicle inspection should be performed to evaluate and prioritize its condition and upkeep.

The biggest factor influencing the overall cost is the length of time you own the vehicle. Many experts agree that keeping a vehicle at least 10 years places you in the best position financially in regard to overall cost per mile.

How much does it cost for a vehicle repair?

With the increasing complexity of vehicles today, there is no replacement for competence. Knowing your vehicle, having accurate information, and having current equipment is irreplaceable in keeping your costs down in regard to owning and operating your vehicle.

I see time and time again, how not taking the first steps to diagnose and determine accurately costs more. It is not wise to prescribe medicine for yourself for a complicated medical problem, and the same holds true for your vehicle.

What types of vehicles does Motorplex service?

With few exceptions, we can service all makes and models.  In the event, we are not able to perform a particular service for your vehicle we will assist with getting your vehicle to the best facility possible.

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