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Ever notice how in the movies, squealing brakes are often part of a thrilling, exciting part of the movie? But in real life, no one ever wants to hear their brakes squealing or the sound of squealing brakes anywhere near them or their car.

Because brakes are so crucial to automotive safety, it’s important to know the right questions to ask when looking at getting a mechanic to review your brakes and service them.

Top 5 Questions to Ask About Your Brakes

  1. What is exactly included in your brake service? A proper brake job should include flushing out the old brake fluid, replenish it, reviewing and resurfacing rotors, and adjusting the braking mechanisms.
  2. Turn-around time: How many days will it take the garage to get your car into their schedule? Is same-day service an option?
  3. Where do the parts come from? Are they from the automobile’s manufacturer? Or replacement equipment? Ask the garage how long they’ve been using these parts, and what kind of warranties they offer on them.
  4. What’s your approach to replacing parts? Will you disassemble the brake unit and review the boots, seals, bushing and then re-assemble it? Or will you instead replace all the brake components with a unit made to your car’s original specifications? Ask your mechanic which approach they use.
  5. Warranty: with people holding onto their cars longer as durability as increased, a brake repair warranty can be of significant value. Even a lifetime warranty isn’t as obvious as it sounds – does it only cover the parts involved, or the labor as well? Are free brake inspections part of the warranty, or they charged for separately?

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