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CAr Repairs

Auburn, WA and Maple Valley, WA

Welcome to your one-stop vehicle repair shop. Our car mechanics are highly trained and experienced to deal with any issue that comes up with your vehicle. We have worked with a lot of different makes, models, and manufacturers and have likely “seen it all” when it comes to car repairs and maintenance. We have a wide range of services that will get your car or truck back up to speed. Give us a call at our Auburn or Maple Valley location for any questions or concerns you might have. We look forward to working with you and your vehicle.


Scheduled Car Maintenance

  • Engine oil and filter service. While you wait with an appointment or drop off for the day without an appointment.
  • Manufacturer scheduled mileage maintenance service.  Your complete dealership service department alternative.
  • Follow along with the manufacturer maintenance schedule of “Normal” or “Severe.” Or instead. keep your vehicle longer than 100,000 miles and utilize our experience of what else should be done to see your vehicle exceed 200,000 miles and keep on going.
  • Spark plug replacement.  Engine tune-ups and filter changes.
  • Timing belt replacement.
  • Fuel injection service: gas and diesel engines on vehicle equipment.
  • Fluid flushes: Coolant, brake and power steering fluid, transmission, differentials, transfer cases.

Transmissions, Differentials, Clutches & Transfer Cases

  • Transmission today are electronically controlled and often times repair can be done without replacement.
  • Transmission shifting funny, making a noise, missing a gear, or shuddering.
  • Transmission, differential, and transfer case diagnosis and repair.
  • Clutch, flywheel, u-joint, and driveline service.

Car Engine Repairs & Service

  • We will diagnose the problem first, and repair or service only what is needed.
  • Engine noises.
  • Not starting the same as it used to.
  • From minor adjustments to more challenging repairs. We can help get your vehicle back on the road.
  • Cylinder head and gasket repair.
  • Engine internal repair and replacement.

Brakes, Steering, Front End, Alignments & Suspension

  • Free brake inspection with appointment and vehicle dropped off.
  • Brake service at Motorplex involves only doing what is necessary and exactly within manufacturer specifications. We don’t require everything to be changed, only what is needed!
  • Our customers have found our prices to be lower than the leading tire chain, and our warranty and service is second to none.
  • 2-way and 4-way alignments.
  • Steering linkage and ball joint replacement.
  • Power steering pumps, steering boxes, and rack and pinion service.
  • Shocks, struts and wheel bearing replacement.
  • Complete brake service and routine brake pad replacement.

Car Diagnosis & Check Engine Light Repairs

  • Stop by anytime for an immediate Free code read.  After we read the code we can better advise you if it needs immediate attention or it can wait.
  • Emission failure diagnosis and repair.
  • Computer diagnosis for all systems and all warning lights on all vehicles.
  • Noise complaints.  Squeaks, rattles, and peculiar noises diagnosed and repaired.
  • Leaks, Seeps and Drips:  Diagnosed and repaired prior to causing damage.

Car Electrical Repairs

  • Free battery test while you wait.  No appointment needed–just stop by anytime.
  • Some electrical problems will require the vehicle to be dropped off and properly diagnosed to ensure the correct repair is completed.
  • Batteries, starters and alternators diagnosis and repair.
  • Wiring repair and replacement.

Interior, Instrumentation, Windows, Auto Glass, Door Handles & Locks

  • Broken door handles.
  • Window motors.
  • Mirrors.
  • Seat belt problems.
  • Airbag service and repair.
  • Guages or dash lights not working.
  • Water leaks.
  • Anything broke inside or around your vehicle we can diagnose and repair.

Car Heating, Air Conditioning & Cooling System Repairs

  • We will do a courtesy AC check while you wait.
  • Often times a slow leak over time can result in decreased cooling. Finding and fixing the leak, followed by a service, can restore your cooling to the performance you expect.
  • Evacuate and recharge maintenance service.
  • Heater not blowing warm enough.
  • Windows fogging up.
  • Component diagnosis and repair: Compressors, hoses, heater cores.
  • Waterpumps, radiators, and gaskets diagnosis and repair